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jit-mdb is compatible with Microsoft Access 97 and Microsoft Access 2000

Chosen and trusted by the world's largest organisations - because it offers the most flexible solution, with the lowest cost of ownership.

Powerful barcode functions. Compatible with Microsoft Access 97 and Microsoft Access 2000.

Windows 95, 98, XP, NT, 2000, etc.


  • Create one or millions of barcodes automatically and instantly in any; query, form or report.
  • In seconds, just add a field to any existing report to add barcode printing to the report. Or add a query field to the query  used by the report.
  • Add barcodes to any existing query, so barcodes are calculated instantly for any field in any dataset, from any source.
  • You also have the power to use barcode functions in Visual Basic code and Macros.

Create barcodes in query datasets for printing in Access, or for printing by external applications using ODBC.

Legacy applications can now print barcodes through Access.

Beginners and non-programmers can use Access to create; reports, queries, forms, labels, mail-merges, etc. to automatically print barcodes.

Creating barcodes in a query is very powerful. Any data field or expression can be automatically calculated as a barcode field. The result table can then be used as the data source by many applications, and in many simple reports.

The source data fields can come from Access or external data. The resulting fields and barcode fields  can be used in Access or by external applications.

Very quick way to get barcodes to print in your own Access reports, on your; business forms, shipping labels, part catalogs, mailshot letters, data entry sheets, etc.

Easy expansion to intranet applications - so your whole organisation can print barcodes.

Low cost volume licensing for corporates.


Microsoft Access 97, Microsoft Access 2000. Windows 95, 98, XP, NT, 2000, etc.

jit-mdb + MS Access is a much better solution than buying standalone barcode software. Access is simple, powerful and very well supported. People in your company may already know how to use it.

jit-mdb could save you the cost of a dedicated barcode printer - which can cost over $2,000.00 each.

Look how some people use jit-mdb, it may give you some ideas.

Track RSVP's and mail back slips.

Save keystrokes - use rapid data entry sheets instead

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SPECIAL UPGRADE! available for thermal label printers (200 or 203 dpi) like; Intermec, CItoh, TEC, Zebra, Eltron, Datamax, etc.




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