How some people use jit-mdb

Just a few example - how people are using jit-mdb every day.

Track RSVP's and mail back slips

When you send invitations (or mail which has a mail back slip) - to keep a database record of everyone who has accepted, you must enter all of the reference numbers from the return slips. Even for a skilled typist this job is; prone to errors, time consuming and very boring.

Using jit-mdb you can print your reference numbers as barcodes on the mail back slips. Now you can accurately scan the reference number in minutes.

You can even use the same report which you use to print the addresses on the mail to print the barcodes.

Save keystrokes - use rapid data entry sheets instead. 

Many database users enter the same data in some fields; over and over again. They would like a method of quickly entering certain values, without error and with minimum keystrokes (without changing the program).

Using jit-mdb you can easily create 'rapid data entry sheets' - which simply one or more pages containing lists of values printed as barcodes. When the user scans a barcode, the value is entered with 100% accuracy and 0 user keystrokes.

Practical Tip: Because your rapid data entry sheets will be used every day, keep them safe from damage and clean - seal them in clear plastic.



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