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Auto Text feature overview

It is often necessary to print the same label design many times, and this is done simply by printing copies of the design.

If you wish to use one label design to print many labels, but the text in each label must differ, you can use the Auto Text feature of the Advantage software, to automate this task.

The Auto Text feature requires a text file in a special format, but unfortunately most clients produce text files in this format; because most popular software applications do not support this format.

Using the Auto Text feature

You should refer to your Advantage software manual for complete details of the Auto Text feature.

When you use the Auto Text feature, to print your fixed label design, each text item in the label design gets its text content from the consecutive lines of a text file (the Auto Text file).

Below are details about how an Auto Text file is used as part of the Auto Text feature.

Auto Text file

An Auto Text file is simply a text file that is organised in a special way.

It is possible to use a text editor (e.g. Notepad) to create small Auto Text files for a small number of labels.

Here is an example of a small Auto Text file, used to print two text items per label;


The first line of an Auto Text file contains a number that indicates how many of the following text lines belong to each label.

If we do not count the first line, then this small Auto Text file has only 6 text lines. As two text items are required for each label, so only 3 labels will print. If the file contained 2,000 text lines, then 1,000 labels would print.

Here is an example label design, that might be used with an Auto Text file containing two text items per label.

To design the label;

Add the text &1 to your design, to indicate where the first text item should print.

Add the text &2 to your design, to indicate where the second text item should print.

When you use the Auto Text feature, here are the resulting labels;

Obviously, you could be printing many thousands of different labels.

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