Add the Database Utility to your START menu

By adding the Database Utility program to the menu on the Windows START button you can run the Database Utility very quickly, whenever you need it.

1) To locate the program, run Windows Explorer select Folder C:\JITBARS. 

Note: For the tial version select Folder C:\JITBARS\TRIAL.

2) Click once on file JIT-DB.EXE (or JIT-DB) to select it, and click menu Edit | Copy.

3) Still in Windows Explorer, in the Folders list select Folder C:\WINDOWS\Start Menu

Note: Make sure you select the Folder in the Folders list, in the left pane of the Explorer window.

4) Click menu Edit | Paste Shortcut.

Finally close Windows Explorer.  

Now, whenever you need to run JIT-DB, just click the Window's START button and Shortcut to JIT-DB.EXE.

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