Printing bar codes in Word using Mail Merge

Bar code fonts must be installed to print bar codes. A license is required for each person that prints bar codes, because our fonts will be used. A license is also required to create bar codes, using macros and components in JIT-DOC.

Note: This section is for Mail Merge documents that use Word as the data source. If you are using any external data source, like; Access or Excel then products JIT-MDB for Access or JIT-XLS for Excel are far more efficient (because they can automatically create bar codes with no additional process steps, for use in; Mail Merge, reports, forms, labels, etc.).

Word macro CiaxFillTablePro (in the Word template) is simple enough for all Word users to use. The macro can simplify and automate creating bar codes when you are using the Mail Merge tool in Word.

Installing the template and macro

Open template file

- Choose menu Open
- Change File of type to Document Templates (*.dot)
- Choose template document file

Run macro CiaxInstallCiaxcom

- Choose menu Tools | Macro | Macros ...
- Choose
- C
lick Run
- Choose menu File | Exit to exit Word and start Word again

Now is in your Word Startup directory so you can run the CiaxFillTablePro macro any time.

Running the macro

Before you can use this section, you should create a Mail Merge document using Word. Your Mail Merge document must have a main document and a data source document.

To run the CiaxFillTablePro macro;

- Choose menu Tools | Macro | Macros ...
- Select CiaxFillTablePro and click Run

Using the macro

The macro prompts you for input, so do the following;

- Select bar code options
- Select the field to be used to calculate the bar codes. 

The options you select are stored in your Mail Merge main document, so it is a good idea to save it.

Note: The first time you run macro CiaxFillTablePro a new field called Barcode is added to your data source.

- Insert the new Barcode field in to your Mail Merge main document.
- Select the Barcode field and select the correct bar code font and font size (see Fonts to use below).

To display bar codes correctly, click View Merged Data on the Mail Merge toolbar (View | Toolbars ... Mail Merge).

Labels require the Barcode field on each label. You may prefer to generate the labels again, with the Barcode field included. You only need to do this once, because the Barcode field is only added once.

- IMPORTANT: Save your Mail Merge document.
- Print your Mail Merge document in the usual way.

Fonts to use

Below is a list of the bar code types that the macro allows you can select, and the font name and font size you should select in your main document;

Bar code type Font Size
Code 128, UCC / EAN-128, SSCC-18, SCC-14 CIA Code 128 14+
SCC-14, ITF (Interleaved 2 of 5) CIA ITF 14+
Code 39 CIA Code 39 14+
Code 93 CIA Code 93 14+
Codabar CIA Codabar 14+
Bookland, EAN-13, EAN-8, ISSN, ISBN CIA EAN 26



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