If you have FileMaker Developer, you can create centralised Custom Functions in FileMaker. These custom functions can use functions in our plug-in to create bar codes automatically - even with correct font formatting.

Custom functions can simplify the use of bar codes throughout applications; one change to a custom function can globally affect the FileMaker application.

You can be very clever using FileMaker Pro TextSize() and TextFont() functions to use the correct bar code font, font size and bar code function at runtime.

This calculates and displays a Code 39 bar code if MyBarcodeNeeded = "Code39" otherwise it calculates an ITF bar code. Each time the correct font and size are selected. This would allow shipments to different customers to use different bar code requirements.

If ( MyBarcodeNeeded = "Code39";
TextSize ( TextFont ( CIAX_Code39( MyTextField ); "CIA Code 39 Tall" ); 18 );
TextSize ( TextFont ( CIAX_ITF( MyTextField ); "CIA ITF Tall" ); 18 )

A more useful example tests the lenth of the product code to decide to calculate 7 digit UPC-E bar codes or 11 digit UPC-A;

If ( Length ( MyTockCode ) = 7;
TextSize ( TextFont ( CIAX_UPCE( MyTockCode ); "CIA UPC" ); 26 );
TextSize ( TextFont ( CIAX_UPCA( MyTockCode ); "CIA UPC" ); 26 )

or the same but simplified (because we are using the same font this time);

TextSize ( TextFont ( If ( Length( MyTockCode ) = 7; CIAX_UPCE( MyTockCode ); CIAX_UPCA( MyTockCode ) ); "CIA UPC" ); 26);

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