Printing bar codes in FileMaker Pro

This section assumes you have installed our plug-in. See Installing for use in FileMaker Pro 7.0 or above.

Functions in the new plug-in can be used in FileMaker Pro, just like existing FileMaker Pro functions. For each type of bar code, there is a specific function to use to return the bar code, and a specific font to select to print the bar code.

Open form / report in layout mode

To open your form / report in layout mode;

Add a calculated bar code field

To add a new Calculated bar code field;

Specify Calculation

  • Enter the expression for the bar code

For each type of bar code, there is a specific function to use. For Code 128 the function is CIAX_CODE128( ).

See: Bar code functions.

Example: If you have a field called MyTextField which you want to print as a Code 128 bar code, use this expression;

 CIAX_CODE128 ( MyTextField )

Note: To view bar code functions in View listbox select External functions

IMPORTANT: In the Calculation result is listbox select Text.

Note: To modify your calculated field choose File | Define | Datbase (Ctrl+Shift+D) and double-click your field.

Test your form / report before we select a bar code font

Before you select a bar code font, you should test your form / report to see the result of the bar code function.

Note: We have not yet selected the correct bar code font, so the bar code field will display / print as text at the moment.

For example, if your data contains 1234 and you are using Code 128, the result will be the following;


Note: The result for bar code types Codabar and Code 39 is very similar to your actual data.

Now selecting a bar code font

Note: For each bar code function, there is a font and font size to use. 

See: Bar code font name and font size to use to discover the font and font size to select.

- In the form / report, select your bar code field

- Right-click the bar code field (to view the properties menu) then choose Text Format

Font:  CIA Code 128 Medium  
Size: 14

See: Bar code font name and font size to use to discover the font and font size to select.

Note: An alternative method to select fonts - use menu Format | Font. But first you must add the font, using menu Format | Configure/More Fonts.... You must also turn off the checkbox Show Fonts in Typeface.

IMPORTANT: In Layout mode the bar code may appear strange (sometimes with squares). This is because the bar code is displaying the field name (e.g. MyBarcode) - it is not yet displaying the bar code result from the bar code function.

The bar code is displayed correctly in Browse mode and Preview mode. If you see square boxes in Browse mode or Preview mode then you have chosen the wrong barcode function or wrong bar code font.

Sizing the field

To avoid any chance that the bar code might be clipped / cropped, size the field as wide as possible; even all the way to the right margin.

Human readable text

All bar codes usually have the text printed below.

Some text below bar codes must display a calculated check character (or check digit).

There are bar code functions to return the human readable text to print below the bar code - complete with calculated check character.

Note: If your bar code does not contain a calculated check character - you can simply print your field below the bar code - just like printing any other field.

Example: The SSCC-18 is a type of bar code that usually has text below the bar code that includes a calculated check character.



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