CIA_BCP ( BarcodeType, Msg )

This function returns a bar code as a Text string. You can print the Text string as a bar code anywhere you wish, by simply selecting a TrueType bar code font; which are part of the software.

You can store the Text strings returned by CIA_BCP( ) in database Text fields. Doing this allows you to use TrueType bar code fonts to print the field as a bar code in your; Forms, Reports, Envelopes, Labels and Form Letters etc.

CIA_BCP( ) is a powerful function - it is also used by the other supplied procedures;

FillBarcodeField( )
FillBarcodeFieldInTable( )

If the above procedures are not suitable, you can write your own procedures using CIA_BCP( ).

Here is an example showing how to use CIA_BCP( ).

Dim Barcode As String
Dim Number As String

' Number to be bar coded
Number = "9378137382"

' Get Code 128 bar code
Barcode = CIA_BCP("C128-0.BA", Number)

Note: In the above example, "C128-0.BA" specifies the bar code type to produce. See Specifying a bar code type for a complete list.


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