Using calculated fields - Codabar

You can display and print calculated fields as bar codes using TrueType bar code fonts.

Codabar bar codes can contain characters ABCD0123456789-$:/.+


The Codabar standard says that Codabar bar codes must start and end with a letter; A, B, C, D like so;


You can use the following calculated fields to print a field with one of these letters at the start and end. You can also format the field values in the calculation;

Text fields

This example shows how you can use A as the start and stop character;

Combine('A', Fieldname, 'A')

You can also use B, C, D as start and stop characters.

Numeric fields

See Lotus Approach Help for details about the NumToText( ) function;

Combine('A', NumToText(Fieldname, '0.00'), 'A')

For bar codes without decimal places;

Combine('A', NumToText(Fieldname, '0'), 'A')

For fixed width bar codes with 6 digits and leading zeros;

Combine('A', NumToText(Fieldname, '000000'), 'A')

Date Fields

See Lotus Approach Help file for details about the DateToText( ) function;

Combine('A', DateToText(Fieldname, 'YYYYMMDD'), 'A')


Codabar bar codes can't contain letters, but you can print Boolean values as 1 for Yes and 0 for No;

If (IsBlank(Fieldname),'',Combine('A', If (Like(Fieldname),'Yes'),'1', '0'), 'A'))

Fields that may be blank

If you want fields containing no data to print no bar code;

If (IsBlank(Fieldname),'', Combine('A', Upper(Fieldname), 'A'))


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