Bar code functions

List of functions

All of the bar code functions in file ciaxcom.lss are listed in the table List of functions (see below).

If you created Lotus Script library ciaxcom and added it to your database, you can also see all of the functions by doing the following;

- Expanding the Resources section by clicking Resources in your database.

- Under Resources, select Script Libraries.

- Double-click the script library named ciaxcom

All of the bar code functions return a bar code as a string. The returned string automatically prints a bar code when the text is printed using the appropriate TrueType bar code font.

For each type of bar code, specific fonts and font sizes are use;

See: Bar code font name and font size to use to discover the font and font size to select for each type of bar code.

Some functions return human-readable text, to print the text below bar codes. It is only necessary to use a function to get the human-readable text, if the text includes a printable check character.

Because the human-readable text can be returned as a separate string, the text can be printed anywhere, using any regular text font.

List of functions

Function Returns bar code
CIA_BOOKLAND (String) Bookland
CIA_CODABAR (String) Codabar
CIA_CODE128 (String) Code 128
CIA_CODE39 (String) Code 39
CIA_CODE39_A (String) Code 39. Added check character.
CIA_CODE39_A_H (String) As above. Human-readable text.
CIA_CODE39_NOEXT (String) Code 39. No extended characters.
CIA_CODE39_NOEXT_A (String) Code 39. No extended characters. Added check character.
CIA_CODE39_NOEXT_A_H (String) As above. Human-readable text.
CIA_CODE93 (String) Code 93
CIA_EAN128 (String) EAN-128
CIA_SCC14(String) SCC-14
CIA_SCC14_H(String) As above. Human-readable text.
CIA_SSCC18(String) SSCC-18
CIA_SSCC18_H(String) As above. Human-readable text.
CIA_EAN13 (String) EAN-13
CIA_EAN13_H (String) As above. Human-readable text.
CIA_EAN13_2 (String) EAN-13 + 2 digits
CIA_EAN13_5 (String) EAN-13 + 5 digits
CIA_EAN8 (String) EAN-8
CIA_EAN8_H (String) As above. Human-readable text.
CIA_EAN8_2 (String) EAN-8 + 2 digits
CIA_EAN8_5 (String) EAN-8 + 5 digits
CIA_ITF (String) Interleaved 2 of 5
CIA_ITF_A (String) Interleaved 2 of 5. Added check character
CIA_ITF_A_H (String) As above. Human-readable text.
CIA_UCC128 (String) UCC-128
CIA_UPCA_H (String) As above. Human-readable text.
CIA_UPCA_2 (String) UPC-A + 2 digits
CIA_UPCA_5 (String) UPC-A + 5 digits
CIA_UPCE_H (String) As above. Human-readable text.
CIA_UPCE_2 (String) UPC-E + 2 digits
CIA_UPCE_5 (String) UPC-E + 5 digits

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