Installing for use with Lotus Notes

By creating a Lotus Script library, all of your Lotus Notes applications can have easy access to any bar code functions they require.

IMPORTANT: Please remember that a license is required for every user of any Lotus Notes application that uses the library, or produces bar codes, or uses any part of JIT-NOT.

See: Distributing your solutions which print bar codes

Create a Script Library

In Lotus Domino Designer, open or select your database. 

- Click Resources to expand Resources.

- Select Script Libraries under Resources.

- Click New Script Library.

A code window appear, it contains this code;

Option Public

To import Lotus Script functions in to the new library;

- Right-click the code window.

- Select menu Import... and select this file;


- Click 'Import' button. 

- Close the code windows.

- Click Yes to save the Script Library. 

- Enter the following name for the Script Library;



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