Removing our Lotus Script library from a database

To removing our Lotus Script library from a database;

- In Lotus Domino Designer, open or select your database. 

- Click Resources to expand Resources.

- Select Script Libraries under Resources.

- In the list of script libraries, right-click the script library named;


- Select Clear from the popup menu.

When prompted to confirm the deletion;

- Click the Yes button.

Checking other script libraries

If you think other script libraries may contain contains copies of bar code functions, or may make use of bar code functions, then you must check each script library.

You can check a library in 4 steps. For each library do the following;

1. Click Resources to expand Resources and select Script Libraries.

2. In the list of script libraries, double-click the script library to check.

3. In the Object tab expand the script library section and select the (Declarations) section, like so;

Library name (Script Library)

If the (Declarations) section, does not contains the lines shown below, then goto step 1. for the next script library. Otherwise delete these lines and goto step 4.

Declare Public Function CIA_CALC Lib "CIABAR32.DLL" (Byval Msg As String, Byval RMsg As String, Byval RText As String, Byval BType As String, RMsgLen As Long, RTextLen As Long) As Long
Declare Public Function CIA_ERR Lib "CIABAR32.DLL" (Byval errCode As Long, Byval BType As String, Byval errMsg As String, Byval size As Long) As Long

4. If there are function in the script library, select the first function;

Library name (Script Library)

To find any functions that use bar code functions, you can do a simple text search for CIA_CALC and CIA_BCP

Make sure the cursor is in the code of the first function.

- Select menu Edit | Find/Replace...

- In the Find box, enter;


- In Options select All Objects.

- Click the Find Next button.

Repeat the text search, but now search for CIA_BCP.

If any function contains calls to functions CIA_CALC or CIA_BCP, then you must either delete the line that calls CIA_CALC or CIA_BCP, or delete the complete function (if it is not required in your database).



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