Using Lotus Script code in a form to print a database field as a bar code

In Lotus Domino Designer, open or select your database.

When the database is open, to view a list of forms in the database, click Forms. The default database form is called Document, to edit it, double-click the name Document.

Place the cursor in your form, move to position to insert the bar code.

Select menu Create | Insert Shared Field... and select;


Now the field is in the form, right-click the Barcode field, then select Text Properties... and click Paragraph Hide When tab. Use these settings;

[ ] Previewed for reading
[ ] Opened for reading
[ ] Printed
[ ] Previewed for editing
[ ] Opened for editing

- Click the Font tab.

- Use these settings;

Font CIA Code 128 Normal
Size 14
Style Plain

- Select menu View | Programmer's Pane

- Click the Objects tab.

- Expand your form by clicking Form name (Form).

- Under your form select (Options).


Enter Lotus Script code;

Use "ciaxcom"

We will create the bar code whe the form is saved. To do this we will use the Querysave event.


Select event Querysave and this Lotus Script code will appear;

Sub Querysave(Source As Notesuidocument, Continue As Variant)

End Sub

Example: If we must print the date as an EAN-128 bar code, we use this function;

CIA_EAN128(  )

Before we use any bar code function, we must first put our data in the correct format.

This code formats the date as yyyymmdd so that 01/01/2002 becomes 20020101. This format is more suitable for use in bar codes.

MyData = Trim(Source.FieldGetText ( "MyFielfd" ))

MyBarcode = CIA_SSCC18 ( F00 )
Source.FieldSetText "Barcode", MyBarcode
MyHuman = CIA_SSCC18_H ( F00 )
Source.FieldSetText "Human", 

MyData = Format ( Date, "yyyymmdd" )

Now variable MyData stores the formatted Date. Variable MyBarcode stores the calculated bar code. The bar code is then stored in a field called Barcode.

MyData = Format ( Date, "yyyymmdd" )
MyBarcode = CIA_EAN128 ( MyData )
Source.FieldSetText "Barcode", MyBarcode

The same code can be simplified, without the use of variables;

Source.FieldSetText "Barcode", CIA_EAN128 ( Format ( Date, "yyyymmdd" ) )

This code can be used in a Querysave procedure of a form. When the form is saved the Barcode field is automatically updated with the correct bar code;

Sub Querysave(Source As Notesuidocument, Continue As Variant)

Source.FieldSetText "Barcode", CIA_EAN128 ( Format ( Date, "yyyymmdd" ) )

End Sub

Close the form.

Note: There is a function to create each type of bar code. For example, to create EAN-128 bar codes we use function CIA_EAN128(), to create Code 39 bar code we use function CIA_CODE39().

See: Bar code functions.

Each function requires only a string argument;


the string can be; a fixed string, a variable string, a field or any expression that evaluates to a string.

CIA_EAN128( Date )

The result of the function is a string. The result string contains the bar code characters. The result string can be stored in a string variable or a text field.

After the bar code is calculated using a function, the bar code string can be printed using the correct bar code font. For each type of bar code there is a special bar code font.

Note: For each bar code function, there is a font and font size to use. 

See: Bar code font name and font size to use to discover the font and font size to select.


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