There are just 6 steps to uninstalling, includeding the steps to remove the use JIT-NOT from a Lotus Notes database.

1. Delete file CIABAR32.DLL from your Windows directory

- To remove our Windows DLL component, use Windows Explorer to delete file CIABAR32.DLL (CIABAR32) from your C:\Windows\System\ directory.

Note: If you cannot see this file in Windows Explorer, choose menu View | Folder Options... click the View tab, under the Hidden files folder, select Show all files

Also, if Hide MS-DOS file extensions for file types that are registered is selected, then CIABAR32.DLL will appear in Windows Explorer as file CIABAR32 (without the file extension).

2. Removing TrueType fonts

To remove our fonts from each system, do the following;

- Removing TrueType bar code fonts from Windows

3. Removing Lotus Script library

To remove our Lotus Script library from each database, do the following;

- Removing our Lotus Script library from a database

4. Removing unnecessary code that uses our Lotus Script library, or bar code functions

Code is usually attached to forms. To see if a form is using and bar code functions;

- Select menu View | Programmer's Pane

- Click the Objects tab.

- Expand each form by clicking Form name (Form).

- Under each form select (Options).

Form name (Form)

If you see a Use statement, exactly like the one below, then you must delete the complete Use statement line. If the Use statment has a list after it, you must remove "ciaxcom" from the list.

Use "ciaxcom"
5. Removing shared fields

If you have added shared fields to your database, to store bar codes, you will need to remove them, as they are of no use without the fonts to print them.

- In Lotus Notes help, select Shared Fields in the Index and then select deleting.

6. To completely remove any remaining files

The originally installed file can usually be found in directory C:\jitnot\

- First use Windows Explorer to search for and delete any copies of the originally installed files.

- Delete the directory where you originally installed the files.


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