Delete file CIAX2D32.DLL from your Windows directory

- To remove our Windows DLL component, use Windows Explorer to delete file CIAX2D32.DLL (CIAX2D32) from your C:\Windows\System\ directory.

Note: If you cannot see this file in Windows Explorer, choose menu View | Folder Options... click the View tab, under the Hidden files folder, select Show all files

Also, if Hide MS-DOS file extensions for file types that are registered is selected, then CIAX2D32.DLL will appear in Windows Explorer as file CIAX2D32 (without the file extension).

Removing Visual Basic module

- To remove our Visual Basic module from each project, do the following;

Removing our Visual Basic module from a project

To completely remove any remaining files

- Use Windows Explorer to delete any copies of the installed files.

- Finally delete the directory where you initially installed the files.


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