Adding a library to the Library Search Path

Because the library uses External Functons in a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) you will also need to declare these functions as Global External Functions.

See: Declaring Global External Functions

Library CIAXCOM.PBL contains new bar code functions.

To give an application access to functions in a library, you must add the library to the application's Library Search Path property.

The Library Search Path is a list of library files, each separated by a colon, like so;


To add a library to the Library Search Path property of an application, do the following;

- Use the Application Painter (Shift+F1).

- Open your application.

- In the Application Window, select menu Entry | Properties...

- To view the current Library Search Path, click the Libraries tab.

- To add library file CIAXCOM.PBL to the Library Search Path, click the Browse... button to browse for the file.

Note: File CIAXCOM.PBL will be located in the directory where you installed it.

- Select file CIAXCOM.PBL and click the Open button.

If your Library Search Path was;


it should now look like this;


- Click OK when the library has been added.


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