Declaring Global External Functions

When any PowerBuilder application (or library) uses functions in a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) you must declare the functions as Global External Functions.

Library CIAXCOM.PBL uses functions in a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) file CIABAR32.DLL.

The declarations for these functions are in the text file CIAXCOM.PBF.

To insert the declarations in to your application, do the following;

- Use the Application Painter (Shift+F1)

In the Application Window;

- Select menu Entry | Script, to open the Script Window.

In the Script Window;

- Select menu Declare | Global External Functions.

- Click button Paste From... and select file CIAXCOM.PBF.

Note: Usually file CIAXCOM.PBF is in directory;


but you may have installed them on a different drive or in a different directory.

You should now see the declarations.

- Click button OK


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