Working with libraries

This section is not required reading. Only use this section if you need to, usually you do not need to.

Creating a new library containing only the functions you need.

There are several ways to do this.

METHOD 1: Copy the library, and in the new library delete the function you do not need.

- Use Window Explorer to copy the library file CIAXCOM.PBL to another file name.

For example, you could copy file CIAXCOM.PBL to file BARCODE.PBL

- In PowerBuilder, run the Library Painter (Shift-F10).

- In the Library Windows, select the new library BARCODE.PBL

- Double-click the library to see the functions it contains.

To delete the functions you do not need;

- Click a function to select it

Note: To delete multiple functions, you can select multiple functions using Control-Click, or Shift-Click.

- Select menu Entry | Delete or press Del to delete the selected functions.

METHOD 2: Create a new library, and copy the functions I need from CIAXCOM.PBL to the new library.

To create a new library;

- Run the Library Painter (Shift-F10).

- In the Library Windows, select menu Library | Create...

- In the Create Library dialog box, select the directory where you want to store the new library.

- In the File name box, enter a new name for the library

For example, if you enter BARCODE the library file will be called BARCODE.PBL

- Click the Save button.

When you create a new library a Properties dialog box appears, so you can enter Comments for the new library. In the Comments box, enter a comment, or leave Comments empty.

- Click OK.

To copy functions from library CIAXCOM.PBL to the new library;

See: Copy functions from library CIAXCOM.PBL to another library.

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