Technical Support

JIT-SAP comes with full technical support. Our expert support includes information and advice about bar code technology.

Contact details

Post: CIA (BAR CODES) UK, 5 Longhey Road, Manchester, M22 8UA United Kingdom

Intl Tel: +44 161 902 0980

Intl Fax: +44 161 945 8169


If you have questions about a specific bar code type (symbology) like Code 128, you can also email;,,, etc.

Before you contact us

Before contacting Technical Support please answer these questions;

1) Does SAPLPD show initial message?

If message appears, then SAPLPD has found the DLL and it is working correctly. If no message appears see Install section.

2) Is data correct, in print job?

Use HEX display to check data in the R/3 Spooler. There should be no extra spaces or printer controls or printer control characters, between the bar code start and bar code end.

If you find unwanted characters, contact SAP and ask how to stop these unwanted characters.

If you need to contact Technical Support with a bar code question, please provide the following;

a) The type of bar code you are trying to print.

b) A print of the HEX display from the SAP spooler.

c) If you have some, any examples of bar codes you are trying to produce.



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