Installing for use with Superbase

What are these files?

File CIAXCOM.SBP is our Superbase bar code library. It contains functions (written in SBL) for calculating bar codes in Superbase. These functions can be used in Superbase; reports, forms, programs, etc.

File CIA-BAR.DLL is a Dynamic Link Library that contains fast code used by our Superbase bar code functions.


Installing these two files is very simple;

1) Copy file CIA-BAR.DLL to the Windows directory

- Open Windows Explorer.

- Copy file CIA-BAR.DLL (CIA-BAR) to your C:\Windows\System\ directory.

Note: If you cannot see this file in Windows Explorer, choose menu View | Folder Options... click the View tab, under the Hidden files folder, select Show all files

Also, if Hide MS-DOS file extensions for file types that are registered is selected, then CIA-BAR.DLL will appear in Windows Explorer as file CIA-BAR (without the file extension).


2) Copy the Superbase bar code library file CIAXCOM.SBP

You can leave file CIAXCOM.SBP in the default directory C:\JITSBP\

If you prefer, you can move or copy it to any other directory.


3) Modifying Superbase bar code library file CIAXCOM.SBP

IMPORTANT: If you copied file CIA-BAR.DLL to directory C:\Windows\System\ then you do NOT need to do this step.

If you do not copy file CIA-BAR.DLL to directory C:\Windows\System\ (or to somewhere on your systems PATH) then you must edit file CIAXCOM.SBP, and specify the path of file CIA-BAR.DLL

- In Superbase, open file CIAXCOM.SBP

- In file CIAXCOM.SBP, find the following lines;


If you copied file CIA-BAR.DLL to directory E:\INSTALL\ then;

- Insert the path to file CIA-BAR.DLL like this;




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