Using functions in programs (*.SBP)


There is an easier way!

The easiest way to print bar codes is to use a reports;

See: Designing reports (*.SBR) to print bar codes


There is another easy way!

It is also easy to add bar codes to a table, using a calculated field;

See: Add calculated bar code field to a table


Loading our Superbase bar code library

To use bar code functions in Superbase; programs, reports or forms - first you must load the library CIAXCOM.SBP

See: Loading our Superbase bar code library


Now your programs can use the bar code functions in CIAXCOM.SBP


If Superbase is used to create a table of bar code strings, then external applications (outside Superbase) can print bar codes; using the table and one of our bar code fonts.

IMPORTANT: Users of external applications will use bar code fonts to print bar codes, so an  additional JIT-SBP license is required for each user.

The table will contain a field of data values, and a field containing the bar code result. The bar codes are calculated for each record.

The example below calculates a bar code string and displays the string.

In this example the bar code type is Interleaved 2-of-5 (ITF), so the function used is; CIA_ITF$ ( ).

See: Bar code functions - for a complete list of bar code functions for Superbase.

SUB main()
  REM Load library CIAXCOM.SBP, if not already loaded

  REM Calculate fixed bar code for fixed number
  A$ = CIA_ITF$ ( "423794246464" )
  ? A$

Your own programs can be simple, or complex.


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