Bar code size

Always print bar codes as large as possible, not as small as possible.

Larger bar codes are easier to read.

Check characters - Code 39, Interleaved 2-of-5 (ITF).

If your bar code reader is configured to test check characters, then you must print bar codes with check characters. This applies to; Code 39, Interleaved 2-of-5 (ITF).

Alternatively, you must configure your bar code reader to not test check characters.

Code 39

It is usually to print only UPPERCASE characters, not lowercase characters. Lowercase will produce a bar code, two times wider than UPPERCASE.

If you are using the full version of JIT-SBP and when you read the bar code, you see strange characters, then you must configure your reader to accept Extended Code 39 characters.

Interleaved 2-of-5 (ITF)

When you read the bar code, if you see 0 at the start, this is correct. The length of all Interleaved 2-of-5 (ITF) bar codes must be even; 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. So 0 is added, if the length of the data is not even; to produce an even length.

Low resolution printers (200 dpi thermal type)

If you are using a low resolution printer (200 dpi thermal type by; Intermec, Eltron, Zebra, C Itoh, TEC, Datamax, etc.) please request information about special bar code fonts for this type of printer.



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