BarcodeStackNewline ( )

Tall bar codes are easy to aim at with laser bar code readers. Our product includes tall bar code fonts, but you may want to print even taller bar codes.

BarcodeStackNewline () returns a string containing a single NEWLINE character so you can print bar codes on consecutive lines (i.e. stacked).

To print a Code 39 bar code 2 times the tallest font height;

  ReplicateString( BarcodeCode39("C39-0.B", {table.FIELD})
  + BarcodeStackNewline(), 2)

If your field is numeric, use this formula instead;

  ReplicateString( BarcodeCode39("C39-0.B", 
  BarcodeTextZeroPad({table.FIELD}, 0, 0)) 
  + BarcodeStackNewline(), 2)

Note: To remove narrow gaps between lines, either;

- Change the Line Height for the field and enter a reduced Line Height.

- Use the tall version of the bar code font to display the stacked lines.


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