BarcodeTextZeroPad ( number, width, #places )

All bar code functions expect string arguments. To use numeric values convert them to strings using function BarcodeTextZeroPad ( ).

BarcodeCode39("C39-0.B", BarcodeTextZeroPad ({table.FIELD} , width, #places))

BarcodeTextZeroPad ( ) converts numeric values to strings with #places decimal places and no thousand separator characters. If the total length of the string is less than width, the string is padded with zeros.

Example numeric values Result Comment
BarcodeTextZeroPad(1005, 8, 0)
00001005 Zero padded to width of 8.
BarcodeTextZeroPad(1005, 0, 0)
1005 No zero padding if width is 0.
BarcodeTextZeroPad(1005, 2, 0)
1005 Result not truncated by width.
BarcodeTextZeroPad(1005.65, 0, 1)
1005.6 Result is rounded.

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