Removing our components from a project

It is important to remove our files from any project that no longer requires our components. If you distribute an application that includes our components you must purchase a license for each end-user.

To completely remove our compents from a development system - see uninstall.

To remove our components from a project;

- Remove library file Ciaxcom.lib from your; development directories, project or makefile (this file is used to dynamically link to DLL file Ciabar32.dll).

- Remove file Ciabar32.dll from your; development directories, project or makefile.

- Remove source code file Ciaxcom.c (or any file derived from it).

- Find and remove any references to any functions in Ciaxcom.h (which includes functions BCP, CIA_CALC, CIA_ERR and other functions which all begin with CIA_).

- If necessary remove file Ciaxcom.lib and Ciabar32.dll from any installation / setup builder application.

- Remove font files (*.TTF) from your development directories, project or make file.

- If necessary remove font files (*.TTF) from any installation / setup builder application, so they are not installed with your application.

TIP: If you use an installation / setup builder, during the testing of your installation / setup procedure, check the following files are not installed; Ciaxcom.lib, Ciabar32.dll, *.TTF (or any files derived from them).


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