JIT-XLS for Microsoft Excel

Bar code functions for Microsoft Excel

Fully integrated bar code technology used world-wide

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The cost per person is much lower when you buy 100 licenses. If 100 people print bar codes, then you must buy 100 licenses. Alternatively, a 'Subscription license', allows you to pay a small amount each year, for the latest software. Many companies license our products for 1,000 users or more.


About the 'feature limited' trial version

What is a bar code font?

Typical tasks

Installing TrueType bar code fonts in Windows

Installing Windows DLL for use with Microsoft Excel
Using in Excel
Import our Visual Basic module in to a workbook
Printing bar codes in Microsoft Excel workbooks
Cell size of variable or fixed length bar codes
Bar code functions
Using TEXT function to format bar code data

Bar code font name and font size to use


About macros

Creating a centralised Barcode.xls file

Creating your own bar code functions

Printing human-readable characters

Specifying a bar code type

Bar code options / formats

Bar code check characters

Distributing your solutions which print bar codes
Removing our Visual Basic module from a workbook


General bar code information

Permitted bar code characters


Other specialised bar code fonts

Technical support

Technical support

License / Licensing






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