Cell size of variable or fixed length bar codes

Take the following steps to allow variable length bar codes to print without being clipped;

- Widen the bar code cell (column).

- Cells to the right of bar codes should be left empty if possible.

- When printing sideways (90 or 270), check the row height is sufficient. Cells above or below should be left empty if possible.

Numeric only data

If you use one bar code type, to print bar codes using data items which contains the same number of numeric only characters (0-9), then all of the bar codes will be the same width.

Code 39, Code 93

Lowercase letters are twice as wide as uppercase. In the worse case, a bar code with 10 lowercase characters will be twice as wide as a bar code that contains ten uppercase characters.

Tip: If it is practical, use the UPPER( ) function to format your data as uppercase.


Code 128

When printing Code 128 bar codes, the more consecutive numeric characters (0-9) in your data, the shorter the printed bar code.

If you plan to print bar codes containing multiple data fields, you could consider grouping any numeric only fields together.

If you print data items which contain characters of the same type (uppercase, lowercase, digit, etc.) in each character position, then all bar codes will be the same width.

Same length bar code
Same length bar code
Different length bar codes
Different length bar codes


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