Creating a centralised Barcode.xls file

You do not need to add our Visual Basic module to all of the workbooks which require bar codes. 

From a workbook, it is possible to call functions in another workbook. This can be useful, if you have many workbook files and you wish to keep the Visual Basic module in one place.

Note: If anyone uses the Visual Basic module, you must purchase a license for each person.

- Choose menu File | New to create a new Microsoft Excel workbook.

- Choose menu File | Save and enter any name for the a new Microsoft Excel workbook, for example;


Now Barcode.xls contains many bar code functions that you can now use in any of your own Excel workbooks. To use bar code function;

- Open workbook Barcode.xls

- Open another workbook or create a new workbook (e.g. Book1.xls).

In Book1.xls, as an example, enter the following value in cell A1;


- To call a function in another workbook, put the name of the other workbook in front of the function.


In Book1.xls enter the above formula in cell B1. This will use function CIA_CODE128( ) in workbook Barcode.xls to calculate a Code 128 bar code based on referenced cell A1.

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