DATA: Numeric LENGTH: Fixed CHECK: Required

Bookland numbers are unique numbers that are printed on books.

Bookland is not a separate bar code type. Bookland numbers have a specific structure which contains the book's ISBN number. Bookland numbers are encoded using EAN-13 bar codes with 5 digit supplemental codes.

Our JIT series of software products can automatically create Bookland bar codes with correct check digits. Simply select EAN-13 as the bar code type.

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Example: For a book with ISBN 0-201-6663-7 retailing at $9.95 in the US, the message to encode is;


This message is formed by a fixed three digit country code of 978, followed by the ISBN number 02016663 (the last digit of the ISBN number is a check character which is discarded).

The supplemental code contains a currency digit (for US dollars it is 5) followed by a four digit price, left padded with zeros, so $9.95 gives us the digits 0995.



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