DATA: Alpha-Numeric+ LENGTH: Variable CHECK: Optional


Codabar bar codes are primarily used for numeric data. The letters A, B, C, D are used as start and stop characters. Usually the start and stop characters are the same letter, as in these examples;


You can also use characters -$:/.+ in Codabar.

If you need free help or advice about using this type of barcode, please email;

If Codabar bar codes are being used in the same environment, but for different purposes, you can configure your systems to accept or reject bar codes depending on the different start and stop characters used. Our JIT series of software products can do this encoding automatically (the software can also add the optional check character).

If your bar codes are numeric only, have a look at using ITF. If your bar codes need to contain letters other then A, B, C, D then have a look at using Code 39 or Code 128.

See: Code 39, Code 128, ITF


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