UPC (Universal Product Code) versions UPC-A and UPC-E

DATA: Numeric LENGTH: Fixed CHECK: Required

UPC-A is used to encode 11 digits plus one check character. The first digit is the number system character. The first 6 digits together form the manufacturer's identification number. The last 5 digits are an item number assigned by the manufacturer for the product label.

Our JIT series of software products can create UPC-A and UPC-E bar codes automatically. The software can also add the check character.

UPC-E is the zero-suppressed version. The first digit (the number system characters) must be 0. To encode 0783400009 leave out the suppressed zeros, and encode 078349.

An optional 2 or 5 digit supplemental code can be added to UPC bar codes. The supplemental digits come after the check character, if you specify one.

Supplemental codes

If you are using 2 or 5 digit supplemental codes and you want the check character to be calculated, leave out the check character. For example, to encode 12345678901 with a 5 digit supplemental code of 99999, you would encode 1234567890199999.

The JIT series of software products can also automatically create bar codes with supplemental codes.



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