Bar code options / formats

Some bar code types have special features. This section gives details of any special features for each bar code type.

When you use a function, or other tool, to automatically generate or calculate bar codes, often the default format is sufficient.

You only need to select a special feature if you need it. Formats enable special bar code features or formatting.

Click the bar code type below to see the list of available formats.

For all bar code types the default format is 0. This format is the most common and is usually sufficient.

Example 1: If you use Code 39, to specify the format, use;


The default Code 39 format enables extended characters (lowercase letters are extended characters).

Use format 1 if your bar code reader can only read normal character, which includes characters 0-9, A-Z and $%+/.


Example 2: If you use Codabar, there are several formats to enable different start / stop characters; A, B, C, D.

Format A will automatically use A as the start and stop character (e.g. "A99999A").




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