Printing human-readable characters

Flag H is used (instead of B) to calculate the human-readable text.

Bar codes and human-readable text are usually printed separately; using different fonts.

Bar code

Human-readable text  123457

If the human-readable text must include the calculated check character, the complete human-readable text can be produced by using H (i.e. "ITF-0.HA").

Bar code (i.e. "ITF-0.BA") 
Human-readable text (i.e. "ITF-0.HA") 123457

When printed separately, the bar code and human-readable text can be printed anywhere.

Human-readable text (i.e. "ITF-0.HA") 123457
Bar code (i.e. "ITF-0.BA") 

If the human-readable text does not need to include the calculated check character, the original text data can be used to print the human-readable text.

Human-readable text (i.e. "ITF-0.B")
Original text 12345


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