Removing TrueType bar code fonts from Windows

Instructions are for Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000 or above, XP, NT or above.

- Click the Start button and choose Settings | Control Panel. (In XP, Start button then Control Panel).

In XP, an alternative way to get to the Control Panel;
- Double-click on My Computer.
- Under Other Places choose Control Panel.

- Double-click the Fonts icon. (In XP, if you can't see it, choose Switch to Classic View on the left).

In XP, an alternative way to get to Fonts, when you are in the Control Panel (see above);
- Under Pick a Category, choose Appearance and Themes.
- Under See Also choose Fonts.

- Select the bar code fonts to remove (the names all start with CIA)

Note: To select several fonts Ctrl-click on them.

- Choose menu File | Delete.

- Choose the OK button.

- Choose menu File | Close.


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