Other specialised bar code fonts

Many countries need to increase the speed and efficiency of delivering mail to homes and businesses.

Many organisation that delivers the mail (e.g. in the United Kingdom it is the Royal Mail, in Denmark it is Poste Denmark) use special marks or bar codes on the mail.

The Royal Mail use a bar code type called the Royal Mail 4 State Customer Code (RM4SCC).

Other countries use the same bar code type but the bar code type has a different name. 

Businesses posting large volumes of mail can make savings by bar coding their mail pieces.

Postcodes do not identify a unique delivery address, so the RM4SCC bar code must also contain a Delivery Point Suffix, which can only be obtained by using a database available from the Royal Mail, or special VAR's.

Savings are made on bulk mail which is bar coded because mail can be sorted at high speed, completely by machine.


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