What is a bar code font?

To allow you to easily print professional bar codes, our JIT series of software products includes TrueType fonts. Our TrueType fonts have been produced and developed over many years, by our team of top font designers and software developers.

Note: Our TrueType bar code fonts are licensed in the same way as all other software components in our JIT series of software products. Each JIT product license allows one person to use the fonts to print bar codes. You must purchase a license for each person that directly or indirectly prints bar codes using our TrueType bar code fonts.

Each character in our TrueType bar code font contains a pattern of bars and spaces.

Complete bar codes are formed using several characters together (i.e. a string of characters).

Our JIT range of software products includes simple tools that allow your applications to automatically calculate the character strings, so your applications can print bar codes automatically.


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