int CIA_CALC ( LPSTR in, LPSTR out, LPSTR truetype, LPSTR symbology, LPINT outLen, LPINT truetypeLen )


in - String of data (ASCII characters usually) to put in the bar code. Example: "357394857".

out - Returned human-readable string form of the bar code. If you have specified H in symbology string. The returned out string is only useful if you want a check character added; otherwise out will be the same as in. If out is NULL, nothing is returned, but outLen is still returned.

truetype - Returned bar code string. Print this using TrueType font to produce the actual bar code symbol.

symbology - CIA_CALC can return any bar code type you require, by using symbology to define the bar code type you require. For example, the string "ITF-0.BA" is used to return an ITF (Interleaved 2 of 5) bar code with added check character.

Specifying a bar code type to discover other strings you can use to return different bar codes.

Printing check characters to discover how check character options can be specified.

Printing human-readable characters to discover how to create human-readable text.

Bar code options / formats to discover how you can select special features of each bar code type.

outLen - Returned length of out. If out is NULL, outLen is the length out would be. If outLen is NULL, nothing is returned.

truetypeLen - Returned length of truetype. If truetype is NULL, truetypeLen is the length truetype would be. If truetypeLen is NULL, nothing is returned.

Return value

A returned value of 0 indicates success. Any other value is an error code. Use CIA_ERR to retrieve the error message for the error code.


char in[512];
char out[512];
char truetype[512];
int errCode;

	strcpy ( in, "123456" );

	err = CIA_CALC ( in, out, truetype, "ITF-0.BHA", NULL, NULL );

Now truetype contains the bar code and out contains the human-readable text.

Variable Printed results Font used to print result
truetype CIA ITF Medium, 14 point.
out 01234565 Arial Bold, 10 point.




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