int CIA_ERR ( int errorCode, LPSTR symbology, LPSTR error, int errorLen )


errorCode - Returned from CIA_CALC.

symbology - See symbology under CIA_CALC.

error - Returned error message of errorCode.

errorLen - Returned length of error. If error is NULL, errorLen is the length error would be. If errorLen is NULL, nothing is returned.

Return value

A returned value of 0 indicates success.


char in[512];
char out[512];
char truetype[512];
int errCode;
char error[512];

	strcpy ( in, "123456" );

	err = CIA_CALC ( in, out, truetype, "ITF-0.BA", NULL, NULL );

	if (err != 0) {
		CIA_ERR ( errCode, "ITF-0.BA", error, sizeof(error) );




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